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Official Diagnosis In; Stationary Addict

I saw this on a FB group for PlanNerds and had to share… I know you will all be sitting there reading shaking your head yes at each one. 🙂

Telltale Signs You’re a Stationery Addict

I finally purchased a Scotch thermal Laminator and I have no idea why I didn’t spend the $17 way back when! It is sooooo much easier for laminating I can’t even begin to tell you. So I created a new fly leaf and some new dividers. 

I also made a notebook for the back of my Domino A5 with graph print outs I love and a hot glue gun… easier than pie!!! Well, certainly easier than finding a notebook that fit in America. 🙂



Will be face timing with my cousin tomorrow for a planing sesh. :)


Proud Cousin!!!

So as I mentioned my cousin joined the filo lover club…. I promise there was zero pressure from me! She lives in England and got a Pink A5 Domino from WH Smith and was anxiously waiting for what seemed like *forever* for it to come in. She has been a great supporter of my blog and my filo love so I feel it is only right to show you how awesome she has decorated so far! She has gotten tons of ideas from pinterest, etsy, and links you guys have suggested. I’d say she’s a natural!


She went with the pink theme and her dividers are waiting to be laminated (and a hole punch to arrive in the mail) but here are the pictures…

emmafront emma1 emma2 emma3 emma4 emma5 emma6 emmadividers

She’s waiting on new weekly inserts but has started on her monthly ones…


And she even sent me this picture…

emmamatch  She is 1. definitely related to me and 2. initiated!

Since she is in England and has WH Smith she got me the pocket Union Jack Filo too!!! I can’t wait to get it! She spoils me and she’s my baby cousin! 🙂


I hope she loves her filo care package I’ve already put in the post and thank you to everyone for the suggestions! She reads the blog so keep ’em coming!!!!



Reinventing All The Time

I am the proud owner of more than one Filofax at this point and one is a Raspberry colored Saffiano, affectionately known as Raspberry for short. It was my everyday planner but the rings don’t cooperate unless you use the push buttons on the top and bottom and I have a dreadful habit of opening straight from the rings. So I have repurposed it and have started using it to write down quotes I see that I can come back to and use in my everyday life to uplift and remind.

I kept a dashboard simply because I love the Alice in Wonderland print too much to keep it in a folder somewhere for when I switch out again. Then I just used colored semi thick scrapbook paper cut to size with sticker letters hot glued to each one to ensure they weren’t going anywhere when I flip through it.

Here are some pictures of the final result…








A Newbie!!!

I have invited my cousin Emma in to the world of Filofax. She lives in England so its going to be easier for her. She just ordered a Pink A5 Domino which I think is the perfect starter filo because of how they are priced and set up. I am helping her with dividers and a dashboard.
I have given her the links to Life in one Place and Philofaxy too.

Does anyone out there in the filo community have any starter advice for her? We are such a great community and I am excited she gets to be involved with all of you wonderful lovelies!

– What do you guys find as essential for your planners?

– Where do you shop? (England or online)

– Set up ideas

– How do you decorate? What are you essentials for decorating?

I always say if you know a Filofax Addict… you will never have questions as to what to get them for holidays!!!! 🙂


Thanks guys! ❤


Houston. We may have a problem.

I am in the process of switching back to my A5 domino from the personal. Is there a name for the inability to stick with one planner?!? Ironic we call our selves planner addicts and can’t plan when we’ll be switching planners. I enjoy the change. Plus the A5 is just so much easier to write in. I themed the dividers in Alice in Wonderland. 😄

I also found a case big enough for my washi tape (not including tapefetti) for $9.99 at jo Ann fabric!



I’ve Missed You!

Sorry I haven’t been on in a bit. I have been having trouble sleeping and I try not to blog when that’s going on because it gets my brain going like a locomotive. 🙂

I wanted to update you on some pages and get your opinions!

image1  My newest obessesion is Alice in Wonderland so I spoiled myself for V-day month with an Alice themed fly leaf. ❤

image3 The quote on the back was one I found on Pinterest quoted by the The Quiet Rabbit and it speaks loudly to me right now so I attached that too.image4 This is February’s month view. Doesn’t look like much is going on but I think it’ll change quickly. I love the mason jar theme.

image5 I just went pastel all over this week and loved every minute of it.

image6 This is how far out I am this my Mum’s birthday (first week of May) and she got Little Mermaid theme.

image7 This is the weekend before my birthday. There’s a country concert going on so I was testing using post its since it is not a definite plan. I am still having trouble finding *good* sticky notes except for the all the way stick around ones from post it.

image8 Ta Da!!!! MY BIRTHDAY WEEK. Guess the theme? 🙂

image10         image12   image11

Just some random weeks. I like using the sticker quotes in the “This week” section but am quickly running out of new quotes. There are only five books in the series and ones about weddings and another about babies so I’m down to three. I am sensnsing I need a Disney weekend… lots of Disney running around here. The last one in this row is the Fourth of July. I did red, white, and blue but stayed true to my roots and rocked the Union Jack sticker on the 4th. 😛

The one below is the actual week of Valentines. I am not a big V-day fan. Too much hype. But my roomies in love and her boyfriend is a merchant mariner so I did anchors in honor of them.


]And then this was an AHHHMAZING Dollar Store find. It’s a tiny recycling can. I use it to put ends of washi tape and hole punches in. It definitely speeds up the cleaning process and it is just darn cute in the process


Hope you have enjoyed. I don’t think my decorating has gotten much more creative than stickers and washi tape in pretty routine positions but I am using a book I found at Target “642 Things To Write About” to exercise my creative muscles. It basically gives you a prompt and you can draw or write or washi or sticker or ignore even. I started a page on here to keep track of some ones I found humorous (funwritingprompts.wordpress.com) feel free to check it out if you want. I am often amused. The book I highly recommend though.

Ok, signing off for the night. Sweet dreams in Filoland!