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50 Facts About Me


Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great beginning to your week! I am noticing the same names pop up again and again and want to get to know some of you more. I feel like we are already kindred spirits! 🙂

So here are 50 Facts About Me and I challenge you to post your own so we can learn more about each other!

1. I was born in England and moved to the US when I was 9.

2. I have a dog who is a rescue, mixed breed, all love, named Honey. She’s my world.

3. I enjoy signing my name.

4. When I was a toddler all my hair fell out. They thought I had alopecia. Turns out it was probably a dramatic reaction to having a new baby brother and extremely thin hair to begin with. 😛

5. That baby brother is no longer a baby and he is one of my best friends.

6. I drink more sprite than should be considered legal.

7. I both love and hate my handwriting.

8. My birthday is uber important to me. 5/20 for anyone who wants to know.

9. I get severe tension headaches and migraines. I have so much sympathy for people who have the same.

10. I dream of having a library like in Beauty & the Beast with a rolling ladder.

11. Which brings us to Disney, I am a fanatic.

12. I love trivia and quizzes and surprise myself with what I know!

13. I haven’t been to see a movie at the cinema since 2007.

14. The last movie I saw in the movie theatre was Frozen. That’s a big deal because I have a serious fear of movie theatres.

15. My dog looks like Timon from Lion King.

16. I’m easily distracted.

17. I’ve struggle to ride a bike, I have equilibrium issues. I also walk wobbly so I automatically fail sobriety tests stone cold sober.

18. I am covered in freckles and love it.

19. I think wittiness is one of my best qualities.

20. I love love love getting mail. Not the bills kind though.

21. I have a strange memory. I can remember extremely random details.

22. I love a good roast dinner.

23. I am not sporty at all.

24. I used to wear glasses and my dad said I looked like Lisa Loeb.

25. People now say my doppleganger is a younger Lindsey Lohan – pre rehab days.

26. I have a masters in Counseling Psychology.

27. I have no rhythm but music is my life.

28. I love to read.

29. I separate the skittles by color before I eat them.

30. I hate talking on the telephone.

31. I consider myself a good writer and hope others do too.

32. I love pineapple.

33. Galaxy hot chocolate can make any day better.

34. I’m more of a night owl than an early bird.

35. I need time alone to rejuvenate.

36. I wear a lot of neutral colors and I have no idea why.

37. I have moved several times and throwing things away feels like throwing memories away.

38. I never thought I’d own an IPhone but now it’s my bestie.

39. I think I have the best family in the world; hands down.

40. I enjoy doing crosswords and wordsearchs. I get that from my Nan.

41. I like to have everything planned but at the same time I’m very easygoing – if that makes sense.

42. Fish and chips is one of my favorite meals.

43. I think eyes or arms are the most attractive parts of a man.

44. I love surprising people or making their day with notes or thoughtfulness.

45. I’d like to write a book about my life one day. I’ve played around with titles. One is ‘Life learned all Wrong”. Satirical, don’t worry. 😛

46. I meet most of the qualities of a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

47. I love being photographed. Especially when I don’t know. The genuine smiles in pictures that you don’t know are being taken are the best.

48. I am scared of the dark.

49. I keep stuffed animals on my bed, even at my age, and I’m proud of it.

50. Filofaxing is a way of life. I don’t know what I did before I bought my first.

It was a lot of fun writing these facts up for you. I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a thing or two about me. If you feel up to it why not attempt this challenge yourself. I’d love to have a nosy and get to know you a little bit better!

Thanks for reading!


Author: atlalala

I have recently fully admitted I love hearing myself talk. This fact probably points to why I picked the career I did. :) It may sound self-consumed but, hey, at least I can admit it! So what does a person who feels they may have some important things to share with the world do... Start a blog of course. So here we are.

2 thoughts on “50 Facts About Me

  1. I loved reading this! Thank you so much for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Sarah, it’s so nice to put a face to a name and blog. I too, am a transplant. Born (1/19) in the Philippines, Spanish/Scot by ancestry, American by choice. I don’t have a blog and have been avoiding FB. Who knows, that might happen someday, but not To-Day. Love your blog. You give me some of my first giggles of the day :))

    Liked by 1 person

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