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Emma’s Filo Update!

I had some followers ask about my cousins Filo and how its coming along… since she doesn’t have  a blog of her own I thought I would share her work. I am super impressed and continue to realize how strongly we are related each time she shares! 🙂

There is nothing like a neat filo….

Emmas Filo

The inside is beaming with personality!

Emma Filo 2

She has gotten addicted to Project Life as well (that one wasn’t me) but she is so like me and it absolutely makes sense.

Emma Filo 3 emma filo 8

Emma Filo 6Emma Filo 4

Emma Filo 5

 She is planning a trip to NY later in the year so she had to find room for this!

   Emma filo 7

And she’s decorating like a pro!


She reads the blog so if you guys have any suggestions, comments, compliments, I’m sure she’d love to read them!!!



P.s. Ordered my first Fauxdori this past weekend… can’t wait for its arrival to share!



My Mini Unicorn!!!

When I first started my obsession with Filofaxes and found out people actually blogged about them too back at the end of last year (yes, its’s really only been 4 months!) I saw a picture of a discontinued Union Jack Filofax that I drooled over. Literally. Well, literally over my computer screen because well… it was a discontinued edition. That became my unicorn. The one Filofax that could rule them all. I kept my eye out but it was nowhere to be sold. I would say found but I think that involves breaking and entering if they aren’t willing to part with it.

My cousin, Emma, who lives in England fell in love with Filofaxes too and we were looking through the sites trying to decide which her first should be, a very important decision, and low and behold I see a tiny little Union Jack Filofax on WH Smiths website. Emma knows me inside out so I barely had to ask and she had bought it and was shipping it over… so folks…. here is a my mini unicorn! 🙂


Now to find the A5 size!!!

Gosh it’s beautiful. One of my guy friends even complimented me on it! 🙂 I have the best cousin ever!!!

Thanks Emma!!! I’ll be paying you back for this one for a while! 😛


Proud Cousin!!!

So as I mentioned my cousin joined the filo lover club…. I promise there was zero pressure from me! She lives in England and got a Pink A5 Domino from WH Smith and was anxiously waiting for what seemed like *forever* for it to come in. She has been a great supporter of my blog and my filo love so I feel it is only right to show you how awesome she has decorated so far! She has gotten tons of ideas from pinterest, etsy, and links you guys have suggested. I’d say she’s a natural!


She went with the pink theme and her dividers are waiting to be laminated (and a hole punch to arrive in the mail) but here are the pictures…

emmafront emma1 emma2 emma3 emma4 emma5 emma6 emmadividers

She’s waiting on new weekly inserts but has started on her monthly ones…


And she even sent me this picture…

emmamatch  She is 1. definitely related to me and 2. initiated!

Since she is in England and has WH Smith she got me the pocket Union Jack Filo too!!! I can’t wait to get it! She spoils me and she’s my baby cousin! 🙂


I hope she loves her filo care package I’ve already put in the post and thank you to everyone for the suggestions! She reads the blog so keep ’em coming!!!!