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Adventures in Trying to Organize My Life



So I finally did it. I put my head in the game and found Alice pictures for my deep purple Domino personal. I originally was going to do black and white but since the dividers are colored and I didn’t want to thicken them with extra paper I ended up printing in b&w and coloring parts in. 

Here it is… *drumroll*

I love the last tab being labeled “bonkers”. Had I thought harder I would have labeled “curiouser” for notes and “I’m late” for diary but my laminator was making a strange noise. The fly leaf with post its are all sweets (eat me) related. 🙂 

Creativityinabox mentioned Paperchase post its not sticking. I thought what a waste since I also bought a box and came up with this… 

I stuck them on a piece of paper and laminated to use as a to do page with a white board marker. It doesn’t account for a whole box of them but I can make some to send to friends. 🙂 better than them sitting in my cabinet being sticky in all the wrong places. Lesson learned! 



P.s. Remember free giveaway on the “more to come” post. I’ll be randomly selecting someone on Friday. Feel free to post pictures of your planners too. I love seeing everyone else’s creativity. 


Awesome Haul!

I scored some cool stuff today at Michael’s and Office Depot…


The washi tape was all $1 or under. No joke. Is there someone who holds the record for most washi tape in the world? If not, we as a community should find that person and contact Guinness. The struggle is real!

I am also really excited about these Alice in wonderland stickers I found on etsy. Thinking up planner pages around them as we speak….


Any ideas Welcomed!!!


Back from Traveling… More Room to Plan!

That’s probably the only perk of being back from my journeys but one perk is better than none. I wanted to update you guys on some pages I have created. I have all my supplies together and my laptop now so I am trying to get more creative. Trying…

I made some Inspiration Pages to go in the front of my Saffiano that are important daily reminders. The first page is just some pictures I pulled off pinterest (http://artjournaling.tumblr.com/post/37483806634/by-rosie), then there is an art journal page someone made that just sums it up perfectly and then a printable I found that will be a journal guide of things I will say “no” to this year. No more yes-ma’aming!

image1 image2

Then I am trying to plan my weekly pages ahead with a theme. So I have my week in Atlanta with the next couple weeks planned out…

image3  image4

This was my Atlanta week… this and the next week were kind of all over the place because I was on the road. The next couple weeks I themed. The first week is just a color theme (coral, green, and gold), the second week is missing Atlanta, and then the third week is Frozen. Let it go will be the mantra. Trust me.

image5 image6 image7

Then to take creativity over the limit 🙂 I made my own printable for expenses and a password log!


And, drum roll please, I made my own folder for the back of Filofax out of a file folder after watching a youtube video.

image10 image9

Yeah…. who would have thought it? Scissors and tape and glue and following instructions!