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First Annual Wild for Planners – Geaux Wild

When this event was announced, I don’t know if I truly believed it was a real thing. It seemed too awesome to have an entire hotel full of people who are as passionate, inspired, creative, and (let’s face it) borderline obsessed with planning as myself. Add to that it was a creation of the (in?)famous ūüôā FB group Planners Gone Wild (PGW as we loving refer to it) and was being hosted in New Orleans… *Mind blown*

So the day of ticket release happens, I log on and 100% not believing I would actually be able to get a ticket and the website would crash because when PGW-ers know about a planner related release, we are well known for overwhelming the internet. To my utter surprise, not only did the site not crash (first sign this was going to be more amazing than anyone could comprehend) but I got a ticket. *CRAPCRAPCRAP* I justified it by the fact that it was occurring the exact same weekend as my birthday and with a gentle arm twisting I also convinced a planner bestie of mine she definitely couldn’t miss out on this craziness. Thank’s FOMO. ūüėõ

There was so much hype prior to ticket release… and it only increased steadily as we waited for that weekend in May. So much preparation on all of our accounts. But I will tell you it still didn’t feel real. Not when I requested off work. Not as we googled hotels and decided we had to stay at the convention center’s Marriott to really soak up the fun. Not when flights were found and booked. Not as I packed and repacked and unpacked and freaked out about packing so I eventually just threw everything I owned that would fit in two bags. Not as I tried diligently to explain what exactly I was attending and why it was even a ‘thing’. I don’t think I even quite grasped what was about to occur sitting on the plane flying to Nola.

What I can tell you is that that weekend was everything. Literally. As Naina (like China but apparently not really!) so aptly put it “I feel like I’m in Vegas and Disney World and stickers all in one place” I still don’t think people will “get” it unless they are themselves a planner but this video goes above and beyond to describe the amazingness that we all got to experience. We were spoiled rotten and amazed by the event coordinators at literally every turn. There was not a single thing they didn’t think of and choreograph like only a llama could.

Every speaker, every sponsor, every volunteer, every attendant, even the staff at the Marriot… it was almost too much to comprehend. We are all so thankful and subsequently in a post-Geaux wild mourning period because there really is nothing like being surrounded by an entire community who GET you. who INSPIRE you. who ENCOURAGE you. who CRACK YOU UP. who make a hobby you have always loved EVEN MORE TO LOVE… It was everything.

I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of the first annual Wild for Planners #geauxwild #geauxwildorgohome #geauxwildconf #geauxwildnola #geauxwild2016 #nosureiwilleverspellgeauxgoagain



This video will likely top a million views if not only from Geaux Wild survivors reminiscing and trying to recapture the feeling of being there daily… for the next ~365 days… until we can do it all again!

Geaux Wild 2016

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As Requested by My Atlanta Girls: Stampin’ It Up!

So at a planner meet up (yes, this is a real thing, planners who get together to drool over each others planners and talk planner talk and say things like ‘you can’t sit at our table’… <3) it was requested that I use my blog to talk about where I get all my crazy amounts of supplies. Today's request was for stamps. So here is you promised blog on Stamps!

I am not the most artistic person but stamps allow you to be faux artistic (that actually sounds pretty posh) and it should ideally help you save money by not buying as many stickers… in my case, not so much, but I can see it helping more logical less impulsive buyers! When it comes to stamps there is a wild world of stamps out there to be bought.

The most obvious places to start are your craft stores… Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanns, etc. Joann’s is usually my go to place. For one, they are ALWAYS doing 50% stamping supplies (like right now) and I buy online because the selection is wayyyy bigger. Specifically, they have Versa Magic individual inks (the best ink by far) on sale always for less than $1.50!!! You can go to the versa website and print out the color chart and then pick what magical rainbow of Versa match up for colors coordinated with the monthly themes for EC. I have a copy of it somewhere if anyone is to lazy to look for it. ūüôā Joann’s has Inkadinkado, Fiskars, Hero Arts, Lawn Fawn, Avery Elle, and many more. Those are some of my favorites. They include letter stamps and mostly decorative stamps. There’s also fun stamps like this one Inner Demons To die for!

My advice is never buy stamps from craft stores unless they are on sale or with coupons. They will always be on sale sooner or later!

Another great store for planner stamps is Simon Says Stamp they have a great selection and ship relatively fast! You can browse their site but Waffleflower, Penny Black, Lawn Fawn, etc… are all GREAT decorative stamps. They also sell ‘planner stamps’ like the ones from Marion Smith that have icons and lists stamps that are more directed at planner stamping.

Another awesome shop is Pink and Main they have fabulous planner stamps and decorative stamps with super fast shipping.

Some of the more exclusive stamps come from Mommylhey Designs Mommy Lhey her shop is down until the 15th when she is having her new release. You can follow her on instagram and youtube to see some of her awesome designs. She has kawaii icons, decorative stamps, and a whole slew of just adorable one of kind stamps that you will see tons of stamper planner people drooling over. She has a coupon code ‘welcome10’ for 10% off that usually works. She also has a Facebook group for news and sometimes coupon codes.

Some other shops are Studio l2e StudioL2e, Mama elephant (who you can find on Simon Says and sometimes in craft stores), Sweet stamp shop Sweet Stamp Shop, and Sweet V’s Stamps V’s Sweet Ideas.

Then there are some etsy stores that feature stamps including TinyStampsBigPlans (ship from Australia but ship relatively fast), Annies Paper Boutique, Atieler Dreams, MsKimmCreates, Prettyinpinkxoxo, and bellacreationz4u.

My advice is to first join a facebook stamping group so you can see some designs and find out which planner stamps you want ideally. One of the best Stamping Facebook groups is Planner Stamping. Then follow some of the stampers on Youtube because they will show you the stamps in action and you can see some great design ideas! I recommend Meredith Plans and Vanessa Vergara but there are tons more!

As an added addition you can find some of the stamps (Avery Elle, Hero Arts, Lawn Fawn, to name a few) on Amazon so if you are a die hard Amazon freak like me that works out well! ūüôā Lawn Fawn sells sets that come with exact replica die cuts as well if that’s something you need.

I would steer clear from Heidi Swapp stamps, theres a reason they are always on clearance. They just don’t stamp well.

And I googled but couldn’t find the ink splatter stamps you girls were using tonight but I believe, if memory serves me correctly, they are recollections and can definitely be found in craft stores!

If you guys aren’t already on the ebates train, get on it! If you shop through the ebates site you get monies back and they include amazon, etsy, joanns, michaels, etc. Ask me and I can send you my recommendation code so I can get some money back for referrals! Lord knows I need some monies back to my cc bills!

Can’t wait to see what you guys stamp up!!!!

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Tea Time with My Planner Muse Charlie from Sea Salt and Paper!

Oh my poor blog… you¬†have been so neglected!!!¬†No worries though I am back with a treat for you all!
I¬†have been wanting¬†to do this¬†blog for a little while now and Charlie, a muse of mine and my first planner friend!, so graciously agreed to spend some time with us and talk about, what else? ‚̧ Planning ‚̧ So, without further ado, I¬†present a little tea time chat with Charlie!
If you don’t already know her, shame on¬†you! But for those who need acquainting (there is redemption for you too!) a little intro….
Charlie was my first planner¬†friend and penpal. She¬†lives in the UK in one of my favorite parts by far, Cornwall, and she took me under her wing and became my penpal when I started this planning obsession at the end of 2014. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her take a passion and make it in to her career between blogging and owning an etsy shop, all the while swooning at her amazing set ups and gorgeous pictures! I sat down with her and had a little chat about her love for planning and brought it back here to share with all of you!
Hello! It’s Charlie from seasaltandpaper.com (formerly heycharlieblog.com) my blog is all about my love for planners, stationery, productivity, living by the sea & all of the little things that make life lovely.
(see why we got along swimmingly!)
Sarah: So, Charlie, how long have you been planning for?
Charlie: I have always had a planner of some description, even when I was as young as 8! Up until 3-4 years ago I used a Paperchase week-on-one page diary, but once I discovered my love for Filofax and spiral-bound planners I never went back!
Sarah: What got you started planning?
Charlie: YouTube definitely made me rediscover my love for planning and took my standard diary pages to a whole new level.
Sarah: What planner(s) are you currently using?
Charlie: I’m using a fabric standard size fauxdori as my carry around planner. This planner goes with me everywhere! I’m also using my horizontal ECLP (project management planner) and vertical ECLP! (wellness/fitness journal). I haven’t been keeping my wellness journal up to date, so the set-up for this might change in the future.
Sarah: What is your unicorn? (the ultimate question!)
Charlie: I am so in love with the ECLP that I haven’t got eyes for any other planner! I don’t think I’ve reached planner peace, but my current set up is really working for me. I have pre-ordered the new limited edition gold Filofax Saffiano but I haven’t got any idea what I’m going to use it for yet!
(can we say jealous! that’s my unicorn ūüôā )
Sarah: What planner set up do you like most?
Charlie: I’m really enjoying being able to plan daily in sections. It keeps my pages from getting cluttered and distracting. At the moment, the ECLP horizontal layout is doing it for me but I might go over to vertical in January.
Sarah: If you could only have one planner accessory what would you choose?
Charlie: The only planner which I take out and about is my fabric fauxdori. It’s super light and holds everything I need. Inside I have a master to-do list, schedule, bill tracker, house work tracker, business goals, project ideas and brainstorms, and notes. If I only had one accessory to take around with me too I would definitely choose sticky notes. I’m forever using them to re-write my master to-do list.
Sarah: What is your best advice to new planners?
Charlie: My advice is always the same… Do whatever you want! Make it yours, make it unique and have fun doing it.
Sarah: Are there any other planners/bloggers you look to for inspiration?
Charlie: There’s so many to mention! The first planner related blog I ever read was Anna’s (mrsbrimbles.co.uk). I’ve learned so much from her and still do even to this day. I also enjoy reading Rachel’s blog therachelmark.com. Others I read often are strangecharmed.com, wendaful.com, polkadotparadiso.wordpress.com, philofaxy.blogspot.com, plannerbug.com, amanda-sheseclectic.blogspot.co.uk, and anxiouslybeinghavok.com to name but a few. And, of course, imbritishsofilofax.wordpress.com always makes an appearance in my feed!

Sarah: What do you enjoy most about the planner community?
Charlie: The planner community is like family to me. Long distance family members which you‚Äôve never met but you‚Äôre absolutely sure they would be awesome to hang out with if you did ūüėČ
Sarah: What is your highlight of the past year?
Charlie: The highlight for me this year was being able to turn blogging into a full-time job. I never thought in a million years that this would my job! It’s so much fun and so many exciting opportunities have opened up to me… watch this space ūüėČ
Thank you for inviting me over to your blog Sarah!
What a doll!!!
Please go visit her blog¬† Sea Salt and Paper for reviews, planner updates, and her exciting new adventures on Mrs. Brimbles Design Team (eeeeek!!!!) and swing by her shop Sea Salt and Paper on Etsy¬†– you won’t be disappointed!!!


How to Decorate: Mambi Style

As a Filofaxer and self avowed plannerd, I thought I knew everything  there was to know about excessive decoration, washi overhaul, and sticker chaos.

Enter vertical layout planners. It’s as if the universe wanted to suck up every remaining minute of our day that we weren’t already spending on “planning” to now fill in three, count them THREE, separate boxes for each day just begging to be decorated. I thought A5 sixe pages were a task! As I am not rich (and have spent whatever riches I may have previously had on Filofaxes in every shape, size, and color), I settled in to a Mambi Happy Planner as a substitute for the Erin Condren to which we owe the beginning of this chaos too! ūüôā

I posted a blog recently on my decoration of the Mambi Happy Planner I purchased with a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby (#budget!) and when I sat down to decorate again I realized I had no idea where to start. When you are planning in a Filofax (or Kikki K or such) you really only have to focus on one week at a time and make that look pretty then you get to move on to the next page and continue. With the vertical layouts, you are left staring at so much blank space (they are large on top of having THREE boxes per day!) and it quickly can become pretty intimidating. I tried watching Plan With Me videos on Youtube but I realized those people already had the basics down so it came pretty naturally to them. So here is my blog about decorating Mambi Style starting with the basics!

As with any planning session, you need to gather supplies and luckily they don’t differ all the much from what I am used to… stamps, ink, washi, pens, stickers, ruler, scissors, paper cutter… oh wait whats that on the corner of my desk? A Xyron that cost me $14 that I had no idea I was purchasing to eventually become a vertical layout planner! That is the biggest difference in planning details, the stickers. I swear these planning stickers are going to be the death of me. There are so many shops and so many stickers to choose from. Are they all essentially the same or do I truly need 17 different shades of pink squares? Hell,¬†I should probably¬†just go ahead and invest in a Silhouette, right? ūüėõ *I can hear my bank account crying*

Okay so as the¬†vertical layout is so foreign to me and will definitely take some getting used to I took my Happy¬†Planner and photocopied a week layout then put it through my laminator.¬†The biggest thing¬†with¬†vertical set ups is getting a theme going… one that doesn’t look like your washi drawer just threw up on top of a sticker pile up. So with these laminated weekly pages, I can experiment before I commit to actually gluing anything in place.¬†Lord knows I have commitment issues and this is hard enough for me as is!

I am still very much in love with my DIY planner cover. #Boss

I am still very unsure of my skill set at this point so I am pinning and youtubing as we go. I even went through and picked out some layouts I saw on IG, pinterest, and FB that I liked and printed them to a word doc. to use as sort of a design template if I get flustered.

So¬†here is an¬†empty week in the Happy Planner… an empty canvas waiting to be dolled up…¬†Bring on the washi and stickers!

There are seemingly endless amounts of FB groups for both the Happy Planner and the Erin Condren Life Planner that offer free stickers and layout ideas… it is something I hadn’t ever really delved in to as a Filofax decorator. So loving pink the way I do, I found a pink and green layout for free on Vintage Glam Studio¬†that I used as a template and started stickering away.

I love the idea of check boxes and so much space to write to do’s I may or may not actually do. Seriously though, is anyone actually busy enough to fill up all three squares? I decided Morning, Afternoon, and Evening wasn’t such a great system for me since the morning is spent fumbling around trying to put my pants on the right direction and heading to work and then the bulk of my day consists of being at work. There is really only so much you can plan surrounding that. So I am working with three sections: Today, Inspiration, and To Do’s/Notes. I set out the checkered flags for my Daily section and devoted the bottom squares to an area for writing To Do’s and Notes for the day.

Now for the fun part, the inspiration section.¬†See I knew I had been pinning random quotes and pretty sayings for the past two years for a reason. Well the reason¬†has surfaced.¬†I am thrilled to¬†put all that late night pinning to¬†use! The squares are easy to make and¬†if you don’t have the patience to make your own, Facebook groups are full of them and Etsy¬†sellers are happy to take your money for their stickers. To be fair, it is money well deserved. Some of these stickers are just amazing! I can’t wait to bring you guys a sticker haul!!!! So here is the final outcome without any actual planning.

Then you realize you just spend over an hour planning and your layout has no plans…. back to the drawing board! ūüėČ
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Here are some of my previous pages¬†with actual plans… Don’t even ask how long that took! ūüėÄ I¬†found scrapbook paper that says ‘create love peace’ and¬†HAD to use it!
The¬†go to gold and black theme… #plannersgottaplan

¬†¬†And my always ready lego-ish neon washi that I love so much….
And what¬†doesn’t say planner peace if not pandas and a green serene background!

¬†¬†This current week is pink and navy simply because that matched the Mambi¬†Happy Planner color scheme that¬†is already in the planner…
¬†¬†¬†¬†And before I sign off, my dog has had enough of this planning business. She has taken to sleeping IN the closet. Bless! ‚̧

Hope you will all share your adventures in vertical planning and how your layouts turn out! This is the new thing kids!




Filofax Nude Original with Nude Theme ;)

So this beauty came home with my Mum from England for me and I am absolutely in LOVE!

Of course I was traveling for my brothers¬†surprise¬†30th birthday party in Florida¬†when I got it so I packed a planning¬†on the go kit…

Since it’s actually an English purchase I feel like I should keep this instead of making my own dash… what do you think?

I migrated some old month on two pages from another personal planner as we are halfway through the year. They are actually out of the Color Crush which has gold accents and I am going for a neutral theme throughout so it worked perfectly.

After picking out washi and gold stickers and only packing black and gold ink… I mean seriously¬†I was about to go¬†theme crazy… I decided to try a simpler approach and do my¬†planning pages with just stamps and pen. I have¬†been wanting to improve my¬†hand lettering and doodling skills as it were.




I still have a projects section, a blog section, and an information section. I found a¬†printable A-Z in¬†tan coloring to put¬†as the index for my¬†info section. Reminds me¬†of a library card. ‚̧

Let me know what you think!




Mambi Happy Planner – Planner or Dangerous Washi Tape Time Warp?

So, despite being a tried and true through and through, Filofax girl¬†I ventured in to the unknown and bought a Mambi Happy Planner 365 because I found one lonely on a shelf at Hobby Lobby that just happened to be black and gold and I, of course, had a 40% coupon on my Hobby Lobby app. Fate, it seems, brought us together. Well I brought her home. I¬†paged through her. I scoured pinterest for more¬†hours than I care to admit. I¬†kept¬†bringing her to my desk to work on only to get lost in¬†Pinterest¬†planning again.¬†It seemed like such a daunting task to decorate this thing with so much open space… and it was only¬†a couple days in to July might I add. I thought maybe I¬†should pack it in and raffle it off because it was too much planner for me. Did I really just say that?!? Everyone is or has headed down the Erin Condren road and¬†we’re somewhat outnumbered it seems on Pinterest these days. Filofax who? I am in full¬†support of those who uncoil and put in to their Filo’s though. ūüėõ I just can’t commit that much money to an ECLP when there are Filofaxes out there I don’t own. Plus,¬†HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR UPCOMING RELEASES??? Check here¬† and here!

Well I finally ended up taking on the challenge and came here to share with you hours of work. ūüôā This thing epitomizes the phrase “planning to plan” but, lord, was it therapeutic and fun to see the outcome… Hope you enjoy!

Of course I had to pimp out the cover because a standard cover would just not do….

I also photocopied the inside planner pages and laminated them to use as a guide for my layouts when I was planning! #ingenius

Then¬†here are some shots from the inside…


At this point I really should have taken a picture of my desk to show you the absolute chaos I was working in! #madscientist #laboratory¬† ūüėÄ


I would like to throw out big thank you to all Pinteresters around the world for inspiring and sharing your creativity for everyone else to see. I would also like to thank a couple bloggers that I searched out for inspiration and spent hours on their YouTube channels watching them create!

– Belinda Selene

IG: @planwithbelinda   YouTube: Belinda Selene     Blog: Belinda Selene

– Inspired Blush

IG: @inspiredblush     Youtube: InspiredBlush      Blog: Inspired Blush

–¬†Charmaine Dulak

IG: charmainedulak    Youtube: Charmaine Dulak    Blog: Love, Charmaine

– AndreaMarieYT

IG: @andreamarieYT    Youtube: AndreaMarieYT    Blog: AndreaMarieYT

Thank you to everyone out there in the planning community!!!!

So my final verdict: Incredibly therapeutic and fun to work on. It is literally like a blank canvas which is awesome and dangerous for hyperfocused individuals like myself! Definitely not practical enough to carry around as an everyday planner due to it’s sheer size and I am not sure how the plastic rings would hold up with bouncing around life by your side day in and day out. But all in all a lot of fun and I will definitely be getting lost in this thing when I need some me time. And for the price, well, it’s cheaper than therapy! ¬†ūüôā



P.s. Sorry for the lighting… even with sunlight you have to depend on lamps in my house. I am working on getting a better lighting set up!


Office Space: Where I Plan

I have been on an organizing kick lately and so it only seems fitting to post a blog showing my creation space… my office. I made a commitment to myself when I moved back from Florida to keep a tidy office and leave my laptop out of my bedroom and so far I am doing pretty well! In order to keep my space clean though, I feel like it has to be visually appealing. Just like with planners… I am more likely to look at my schedule and to do’s if it is in a pretty planner and fun to look at. So, without further ado, my office! I racked my brain and scoured the internet before posting this blog looking at others blogs and video tours of their planning supply organization and craft areas. I came to two conclusions; 1) I’m not everybody else so I can have my own style 2) I am not good at making videos. At least not yet. So I took some photos instead. Hope you enjoy and are inspired to organize your own areas!

Where the magic happens ūüôā Notice the Target Dollar Spot Haul supplies as decoration!

So here is my desk… God bless Ikea for letting us create our own spaces. It’s as if that place was made for planners. You will see the name Ikea more than a couple times throughout my blog. I love that place. I got two drawer units and a table top from Ikea and made my own desk. I feel like it’s a large enough space to utilize without being overbearing. Of course in a dream world I would have an L shaped desk that took up half the room but this is reality and I am working with the space I have. O:)

My laptop doesn’t leave my desk. It’ s a HP Envy, the first non-Vaio I’ve had, and while I am not a huge fan of the new Windows I like the size of my laptop and it definitely holds it’s own with the amount of damage I do downloading and saving files. Pinterest, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ are all neatly settled in my favorites bar ready for me to surf the internet for hours on end!

I won’t show you all the drawers because they aren’t all planner related. This drawer dutifully holds my electronics; my camera, camcorder, Pringo photo printer, and label maker. It’s also home to my 6 hole punch which is a Japanese import you can easily purchase on Amazon and adjusts to punch holes for all three sizes of Filofax! It can be found here. I also have a recently purchased flag punch, binder clips, pen loops, paper clips (who knew I would one day pine over paper clips), and an assortment of charms as I recently started making my own planner charms.

This is where I display my planners… the highlight of the room! The shelving unit is also from Ikea and is meant for the back of a desk but was repurposed with the help of a good friend to fit on my old dresser so I could show my entire collection! ‚̧

In this mix we have several Filofax (Domino, Saffiano, Finsbury) in different sizes and colors, a Heidi Swapp planner used as a memory planner, a Heidi Swapp planner used as¬†a blog planner, the Happiness Planner, a Get to Workbook, a gold Lovedoki, two fauxdoris, Websters Pages Color Crush planners, two journaling prompt books,¬†and my Listers Gotta List notebook. And can’t forget some of the most useful money I ever spent… my laminator! Extremely inexpensive considering the use it gets!


In my dresser, I have one drawer full of paper (A4, letter, photo paper. Pringo paper, cardstock, etc) and extra print cartridges [not pictured]. Then I have a one drawer dedicated to my personal size inserts and one for my A5 inserts. Personal size inserts are stored in a mix of Target Dollar Spot accordion folders, a color crush planner box (great for storage!), and an Avery mini binder filled with folders and mini sheet protectors. The A5 inserts are also stored in mini binders with file inserts made from scrapbook paper as shown in a previous blog to accommodate the size of the inserts. I have my Passion Planner stored in here also as I have unbound certain sections and periodically used them in my A5 Filofax. I just used binder rings to bind my collection of dividers and dashboards neatly together. I also store another mini binder in this drawer with sheet protectors containing acrylic stick on stamps sorted by type and a small dollar haul accordion file containing some journal cards that I printed out from Pinterest.

Now this beauty is a new family member… it was actually a gift from a friend and also another Ikea find. It’s called the Sprutt and it was found in the¬†closet and shoe storage¬†section of Ikea. It is a 6 drawer unit that is made of metal like a high school locker. I just found a pretty font and printed out labels glued to blue scrapbook paper for the front label section. The unit goes back approximately 12 inches and the drawers are nice and deep!

The six drawers contain 1) notebooks 2) stickers 3) post its/sticky notes 4) page flags 5) stamps 6) ink.


I’m a lucky girl! I just got this over the weekend and he even built it too! ūüėõ

Then in the corner of my room I have a drawer unit from Hobby Lobby that was in my bedroom in Florida that I have repurposed as a printer stand since I now use my dresser as a display for my planners. And the room would not be complete without my Ikea Raskog. For less than $45, this cart comes in so handy as you can stock it with current supplies and move it around not only your office but your house and it tucks away neatly in a closet¬†when I am cleaning up.¬†I use the top section for pens, scissors, hole punches, glue, etc. The second shelf contains some more stickers and washi tape (all my pink themed stickers and washi as I am going through a phase where I feel it is necessary to have my decorations match the patent cover of my Filofax…. it’s really hard….). Then the third shelf contains small containers (also from Ikea) with all my remaining washi tape. The green container is actually full of black, gold, and tan washi tape sectioned out for when my Nude Original arrives… I am telling you… this color coordination thing has a grip on me right now!


Well I hope that you enjoyed my photo tour. I am proud to say that no matter how messy I make this room while planning and decorating, I always make sure to leave it tidy before I close the door. This is a big deal for me considering my innate ability to be a clutter bug. ūüôā I take pride in this room though and since it is where I spent a large percentage of my time outside of work and sleep, I feel it deserves to be well taken care of. ūüėÄ

Sweet dreams folks!




Wasn’t Planning on Rain This Wknd… But PERFECT for Planning

I’ve had plenty of time to play with my planners this weekend due to this disgusting weather! More photos to come… ¬†¬†Here’s my collection! Always adding… I¬†am preparing a blog of my organizational system in¬†my office because I have some new goodies so that¬†is on it’s way!

Until then here is my work station aka my desk (gotta love IKEA)…
I have also¬†been researching what people keep in their¬†Planner Supply Cases. So far @theresetgirl has a great one¬†to¬†look at for ideas… I¬†just¬†*happen* to have that case from¬†Target.¬†Meant to be I guess. ūüėõ

The Reset Girl – What’s In My Planner Supply Case




Planner Organizing and Such Things

I am¬†on a mission to blog consistently this month so what better excuse to hit up the Target Dollar Spot!?! Normally, I find nothing and leave swearing I will never waste my time again because clearly all the cool dollar spot stuff is simply a myth. Well not this time… I went to a Target out by my work and further out from Atlanta and I found ALL THE THINGS. Well not all…. but PLENTY! And I even scored some for my cousin in England!! #bestcousinever

So recently I feel like I found the end of the internet as I think I mentioned. It’s like I¬†ran out of things to be amazed by and I¬†feel¬†disheartened¬†as between Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin’,¬†Facebook, etc… I am bombarded by all things planning all day. I¬†really wanted to reorganize my office though because everytime I sit down to decorate or plan I get up to find my office looks like¬†a crime scene¬†so clearly I could better organize and hopefully¬†not have to empty my entire desk and closet only to put it all away again at the end.

I scoured the internet looking for videos and blogs. I found a few. Most people have videos that show their neat desk with a couple drawers and three packs of stickers a few washi tape rolls and some scrapbook paper and it¬†you wonder how on earth their planners look so amazing¬†with their tiny supply kit!¬†I could have access to an entire Michaels AND a¬†Hema¬†store and still not¬†produce something so pretty.¬†The other blogs just had brief descriptions with no pictures (the voice in my head sayinng uh huh suuuuure you’re organized!)

Anyway, I figured maybe I could finally blog about something I haven’t seen a million times and be a little original.¬†It’s been an all night event (but my¬†perfect way of spending the evening)¬†so I won’t post the entire she-bang. I sat down and wrote out all the things I would need to find homes for…

Then I realized INSERTS! Inserts are my biggest problem. I can find homes for washi tape, stickers, post its, etc… pens are easy to put in cups… but those darn inserts… they end up crammed in drawers and¬†then I can never find what I am looking for when I need it. So I put my brain in gear and¬†found a pretty cool way to organize inserts. Personal size inserts are easy to sort in accordion files but A5 inserts seem to disappear in to the legal size accordion files we have over here. It may be easier to find storage solutions in the UK but A5 isn’t a size in the US so I had to get creative.

I used small binders (like the¬†ones¬†you can get from Avery or the Dollar Target Spot if you¬†have a good Target supply),¬†scrapbook paper and tape. That’s all. I found old scrapbook paper that I have had forever and has been collecting dust under¬†my bed and matched up pieces.

Then I laid an A5 size piece of paper on top and traced around it with enough space to punch holes on the left side and some room on the right.

Once the paper was cut, I lined the two pieces up and cut a diagonal edge off of the top sheet just like a folder and taped the whole thing together on all edges. A few hole punches down the side and viola! We have a divider that fits in an Avery small binder but is also big enough to hold A5 papers!

I made several more and the end result is rather lovely. A neat tidy binder full of Filofax A5 inserts organized by type! This one is a 1 1/2 inch binder I found at Target.
  I liked the system so much I made two others with random inserts and then a binder with sheet protectors to organize my customized personal size inserts so I could just flip through and find what I needed easily. I also found some large gold rings and hooked all my dividers and dashboards together.

I was on such a roll I even reorganized my Raskog cart. ūüėá

And now, with all my planning supplies neatly in their place (until I change my mind and reorganize) it’s time for bed!