I'm British, So Filofax

Adventures in Trying to Organize My Life



So I found a Filofax dealer in jacksonville, FL. (Floored). It is a stationary store in San Marco called The Write Touch. And I got a filofax flex because, well, they had it and it’s filofax and I’m an addict. Don’t judge. Check it out.





Another Amazon fun find! Amazon

I changed out the notebooks as I had two A5s that were unused and pretty and gold. I’ll be using it as a brain dump one side and journaling the other.


I’m excited. And there’s a Filofax store in my area. They didn’t have much variety in actual agendas but they did have a pretty good selection of inserts… Especially for being in America. 😌 I can’t wait to go home and visit family and stock up on all things filo. My dad used to work for wh smith. I could have been set but dang it we moved to America.

Oh well sweet dreams filoaddicts. 😘🇬🇧😘