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Awesome Haul!

I scored some cool stuff today at Michael’s and Office Depot…


The washi tape was all $1 or under. No joke. Is there someone who holds the record for most washi tape in the world? If not, we as a community should find that person and contact Guinness. The struggle is real!

I am also really excited about these Alice in wonderland stickers I found on etsy. Thinking up planner pages around them as we speak….


Any ideas Welcomed!!!

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Changes… makes sense with 2015…


So I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention Love?) my Filofax Domino in A5 size but it just isn’t practical for everyday use. It doesn’t fit in any of my purses and I with this new Filofax addiction, I can’t afford to buy bigger purses. So  I did what any normal Filoaddict would do…. I found a store in FL where I am that carried Filofaxes and bought personal size. I was hoping to get another Domino (possibly the pink one because the more I see it the more I fall in love) but they didn’t have it. I looked around on the Filofax web site and chose a couple I would be willing to purchase and called to see if they had those in stock… they did! So I drove the 45 minutes to the store to spend more money on a second Filofax as addicts do. I ended up with the personal size Saffiano Filofax in Raspberry.

Here is a comparison: 10877796_10152911742875734_1259199410_n10872598_10152911742825734_505275008_n

Ones portable without a backpack, which is sad because I love backpacks… So the A5 will become my journaling/blogging/stay at home Filofax and the personal size (aka Raspberry – far from original I know but I love it so there.)

So I got to make new dividers… 😀

10884950_10152912021455734_647016786_n   I am still in the process of decorating but here goes…

The Dividers are set up but not laminated… Notes, Monthly, Diary, Ideas, Info, and Lists. Then in the back there is an envelope I reinforced with waschi tape, hole punched, and will be using to keep smaller things that I want to keep with me or haven’t been used to decorate yet.


10877399_10152912021585734_1656141963_n 10872158_10152912021600734_901941404_n 10877374_10152912021630734_144541881_n 10881276_10152912021650734_1930412382_n 10881209_10152912021675734_40088640_n

I also got some more supplies and storage; more tape as well as a multi-tape dispenser and small tubs to store extras, Tupperware that is filled to the brim with stickers (I love the dollar store), Tupperware that stores my clips glue and hole punch, more sticky pads, and an accordion file folder (also dollar store) to store extra Filofax papers that aren’t currently being in use.

10893633_10152912053260734_885862912_n 10893454_10152912053405734_1320051725_n

10893622_10152912053295734_2078917735_n 10877476_10152912053230734_1845777442_n

I am going to go poor if this continues… On a positive note, when I went to buy the personal size Filofax the salesperson saw my Domino A5 and commented on how creative and fun it was. He said something like I must have been doing this for a while and could probably teach a class. P.s. I got my Domino this month. 😀

As I am going to try to stop shopping, I’ll be posting more of my actual progress (inside) and some goals and things I have found that motivating from wandering around the internet (dangerous…. there’s too much out there!) Thanks for following along! I am also hoping to meet other Filofax Addicts to swap ideas, fodder for my imagination, and see how you Filofax (yes, it’s a verb in my world now!).

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Delusions of Grandeur… Supplies

I love to buy things. Mostly from the comfort of my home through Amazon and Etsy and those sort of places but it still counts as shopping. And I do a lot of it. There should be a warning label on all Filofaxes informing purchasers of all the incredibly fun, some bizarre, but all around creative array of supplies you might need to have to make your Filofax look anything like the ones you see on Pinterest. [I have also come to the conclusion that those people aren’t organizing their lives… just their Filofaxes. No judgment by me, I get it!]

So as I am still setting my planner up and waiting for Christmas to really happen (I asked for supplies… wow…) I have mostly just been tinkering around with ideas. It ends up with a big chaotic mess of paper, tape, and not much ever really being accomplished. And my floor ends up looking like this…


Just some supplies I have collected since receiving my Filofax (less than a month)….

Pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpies galore…

Art supplies to color and stamps/ink

Art supplies to color and stamps/ink

Post-its and sticky notes in every shape, size, and color

Waschi tape and stickers for decorating pages

Waschi tape and stickers for decorating pages

Extra pages and paper

Extra pages and paper

Paper (finger) slicer, rigged hole punch since I live in America, scissors, and removable tape

Paper (finger) slicer, rigged hole punch since I live in America, scissors, and removable tape

 This is turning out to be an expensive hobby. And by hobby I mean addiction. 🙂