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Tea Time with My Planner Muse Charlie from Sea Salt and Paper!

Oh my poor blog… you have been so neglected!!! No worries though I am back with a treat for you all!
I have been wanting to do this blog for a little while now and Charlie, a muse of mine and my first planner friend!, so graciously agreed to spend some time with us and talk about, what else? ❤ Planning ❤ So, without further ado, I present a little tea time chat with Charlie!
If you don’t already know her, shame on you! But for those who need acquainting (there is redemption for you too!) a little intro….
Charlie was my first planner friend and penpal. She lives in the UK in one of my favorite parts by far, Cornwall, and she took me under her wing and became my penpal when I started this planning obsession at the end of 2014. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her take a passion and make it in to her career between blogging and owning an etsy shop, all the while swooning at her amazing set ups and gorgeous pictures! I sat down with her and had a little chat about her love for planning and brought it back here to share with all of you!
Hello! It’s Charlie from seasaltandpaper.com (formerly heycharlieblog.com) my blog is all about my love for planners, stationery, productivity, living by the sea & all of the little things that make life lovely.
(see why we got along swimmingly!)
Sarah: So, Charlie, how long have you been planning for?
Charlie: I have always had a planner of some description, even when I was as young as 8! Up until 3-4 years ago I used a Paperchase week-on-one page diary, but once I discovered my love for Filofax and spiral-bound planners I never went back!
Sarah: What got you started planning?
Charlie: YouTube definitely made me rediscover my love for planning and took my standard diary pages to a whole new level.
Sarah: What planner(s) are you currently using?
Charlie: I’m using a fabric standard size fauxdori as my carry around planner. This planner goes with me everywhere! I’m also using my horizontal ECLP (project management planner) and vertical ECLP! (wellness/fitness journal). I haven’t been keeping my wellness journal up to date, so the set-up for this might change in the future.
Sarah: What is your unicorn? (the ultimate question!)
Charlie: I am so in love with the ECLP that I haven’t got eyes for any other planner! I don’t think I’ve reached planner peace, but my current set up is really working for me. I have pre-ordered the new limited edition gold Filofax Saffiano but I haven’t got any idea what I’m going to use it for yet!
(can we say jealous! that’s my unicorn 🙂 )
Sarah: What planner set up do you like most?
Charlie: I’m really enjoying being able to plan daily in sections. It keeps my pages from getting cluttered and distracting. At the moment, the ECLP horizontal layout is doing it for me but I might go over to vertical in January.
Sarah: If you could only have one planner accessory what would you choose?
Charlie: The only planner which I take out and about is my fabric fauxdori. It’s super light and holds everything I need. Inside I have a master to-do list, schedule, bill tracker, house work tracker, business goals, project ideas and brainstorms, and notes. If I only had one accessory to take around with me too I would definitely choose sticky notes. I’m forever using them to re-write my master to-do list.
Sarah: What is your best advice to new planners?
Charlie: My advice is always the same… Do whatever you want! Make it yours, make it unique and have fun doing it.
Sarah: Are there any other planners/bloggers you look to for inspiration?
Charlie: There’s so many to mention! The first planner related blog I ever read was Anna’s (mrsbrimbles.co.uk). I’ve learned so much from her and still do even to this day. I also enjoy reading Rachel’s blog therachelmark.com. Others I read often are strangecharmed.com, wendaful.com, polkadotparadiso.wordpress.com, philofaxy.blogspot.com, plannerbug.com, amanda-sheseclectic.blogspot.co.uk, and anxiouslybeinghavok.com to name but a few. And, of course, imbritishsofilofax.wordpress.com always makes an appearance in my feed!

Sarah: What do you enjoy most about the planner community?
Charlie: The planner community is like family to me. Long distance family members which you’ve never met but you’re absolutely sure they would be awesome to hang out with if you did 😉
Sarah: What is your highlight of the past year?
Charlie: The highlight for me this year was being able to turn blogging into a full-time job. I never thought in a million years that this would my job! It’s so much fun and so many exciting opportunities have opened up to me… watch this space 😉
Thank you for inviting me over to your blog Sarah!
What a doll!!!
Please go visit her blog  Sea Salt and Paper for reviews, planner updates, and her exciting new adventures on Mrs. Brimbles Design Team (eeeeek!!!!) and swing by her shop Sea Salt and Paper on Etsy – you won’t be disappointed!!!