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More Soon!!!

I made my first Filofax tour video. It’s hilariously poor in video quality but first times always a learning chance right! I will be uploading it later this morning but I wanted to announce that I will be doing a Give-a-way for my readers. I have several color themed RAK’s sorted so when you reply down below with your name also list your fav planner and favorite color so I can send a slightly more personal selection of things!!!  The winner will be picked at random and a fun RAK will be headed their way!!! I’m so excited to say thank you to everyone who follows and those who’ve stopped by!


Houston. We may have a problem.

I am in the process of switching back to my A5 domino from the personal. Is there a name for the inability to stick with one planner?!? Ironic we call our selves planner addicts and can’t plan when we’ll be switching planners. I enjoy the change. Plus the A5 is just so much easier to write in. I themed the dividers in Alice in Wonderland. 😄

I also found a case big enough for my washi tape (not including tapefetti) for $9.99 at jo Ann fabric!