I'm British, So Filofax

Adventures in Trying to Organize My Life



So I finally did it. I put my head in the game and found Alice pictures for my deep purple Domino personal. I originally was going to do black and white but since the dividers are colored and I didn’t want to thicken them with extra paper I ended up printing in b&w and coloring parts in. 

Here it is… *drumroll*

I love the last tab being labeled “bonkers”. Had I thought harder I would have labeled “curiouser” for notes and “I’m late” for diary but my laminator was making a strange noise. The fly leaf with post its are all sweets (eat me) related. 🙂 

Creativityinabox mentioned Paperchase post its not sticking. I thought what a waste since I also bought a box and came up with this… 

I stuck them on a piece of paper and laminated to use as a to do page with a white board marker. It doesn’t account for a whole box of them but I can make some to send to friends. 🙂 better than them sitting in my cabinet being sticky in all the wrong places. Lesson learned! 



P.s. Remember free giveaway on the “more to come” post. I’ll be randomly selecting someone on Friday. Feel free to post pictures of your planners too. I love seeing everyone else’s creativity.