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Breaking News: Planner Addict Realizes She’s Hit Bottom


Okay so the bottom of planning addiction isn’t all that bad. Colorfully expensive but not all that bad. 🙂

I have come to some conclusions recently while trying to think of blog topics. I am too busy rearranging and arranging and doing and undoing to make any of them a logical stream of thought so I am going to list some of them here.

I’m a full blown addict. I came to this realization pretty harshly when writing a piece for Philofaxy and their Reader Under the Spotlight section. *cough14plannerscough*

I will forgo food to buy planning supplies I don’t need, especially when comparing to sustenance…

I have paperclips I have no idea when I could practically use except for photoshoots with my planners for IG and my blog.

My Pinterest has become entirely planner related… Eventually I am going to run out of things to look at… then what!?! I might have to actually accomplish something productive! The horror!

I have rewritten my plans so many times I don’t actually need a planner anymore. Planner peace is about as realistic as unicorns from where I am sitting.

I am a planner snob. If I google, interest, instagram, etc planner pictures and the poster has poor penmanship, I feel as if I’ve been robbed.

Watching TV has become watching Youtube videos of people describing their planners in such detail you’d think it would become redundant.

I’m so busy planning I forget the basics… like showering and going to bed.

I am on the verge of blocking Etsy from my phone because I find myself shopping at work…

I am on my fourth hole punch… I guess I am little rough on them.

In other news, my mum’s in England and when she comes back I’ll have a new member of the family!!!



Author: atlalala

I have recently fully admitted I love hearing myself talk. This fact probably points to why I picked the career I did. :) It may sound self-consumed but, hey, at least I can admit it! So what does a person who feels they may have some important things to share with the world do... Start a blog of course. So here we are.

4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Planner Addict Realizes She’s Hit Bottom

  1. I understand and sympathize, but I still giggles at the snobbery to poor penmanship. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am trying to reel in my planner obsession by setting myself limits. Ex) setting a limit to the frequency of video watching (save them only for the weekends)
    Ex) I must try a certain layout for at least 2-4wks to really give it a good go
    And the biggest help for me is that I put a post it note clearing stating “no planner obsession, now move onward” when there is really no time and I have a very busy week or day.

    I hope that helps!
    Technology makes shopping dangerously easy😈😇


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